I Was Dying to Eat That Cake

Written by Mireia Prats Llivina · 10 April 2017 · 2 mins read

Delicious white chocolate frosting with raspberries… I stared at it for nearly 15 minutes, but when the seller started to mutter words to his colleague while looking at me, I walked straight ahead until the newsagents. I waited there for 32 minutes, as usual. Then I put on my sunglasses and the red scarf braided my hair and went back to the bakery’s window. Thank God! It was still there: the most beautiful creature that has ever existed on earth.

How come no one wanted to buy it? Well, I must say it’s quite expensive, but it’s definitely worth it. Have you ever been to paradise? This cake would take you there in 2 seconds. Even if I was dying to eat that cake, I didn’t give in. I’m not that crazy (yet), but I can imagine all the beautiful sensations linked to it. I dream about it every two days: every day would be just too much. I’m not that obsessed about it. Still… You should see the 20 raspberries, carefully placed around the cake, making a perfect 360º circle. If my Maths teacher had used it during our lessons, probably I would have paid more attention. But now it’s too late.

The seller kept on looking at me as if I was a psycho. But I’m not: just get over it. I was simply appreciating beauty. Perfection. God, I want to eat this cake so bad. I need to eat this cake. But I can’t. So I just keep torturing myself every day, staring at this cake so badly, in case it helps. Until my gluten and lactose intolerance magically disappear and I am able to eat the whole of it in two or three bites. Like Bruce in Matilda, but less disgusting.

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